Underground Taunton

A group has formed in Taunton who have started to investigate if there was once a network of underground tunnels beneath our streets.

The group was formed by Shonie Millward-Usher when she spotted part of a wall that was made out of wood in Bath place. After a bit of investigating she ended up discovering a blocked-up tunnel!

“There is already a known tunnel running between Wilton Gaul and County Court, and there are rumours of tunnels all over town. For example, there are rumours of Judge Jeffreys using the tunnels to transport himself during the Monmouth rebellion because the rest of Taunton was trying to lynch him.” – Shonie Millward-Usher

Do you know anything about Taunton’s underground tunnels? Email jonathan.millar@nqsw.co.uk

Join the group HERE


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