The Beat Cats are a traditional Rock n Roll band from the heart of Somerset, playing classic hits and some hidden gems from the 1950’s and 60’s; but with a modern twist. Fronting the band is young married couple Simon and Kern Champion, who are a powerhouse of energy; their performance is raw and fresh and brings Rock n Roll straight into the modern day. On Lead Guitar’ ‘Bad Cat’ Andy Badman is an accomplished guitarist in many musical styles which adds texture and dynamics to ‘The Beat Cats’ sound.

Rhythm Cat’ John Godfrey has years of experience as a Rockabilly drummer and drives the slick and pounding rhythm that gets toes tapping and people jiving, bopping and strolling on the dancefloor. And with a passion for pure rock n roll, ‘Boom Boom Cat’ Gerry Dawson completes the line up with bass guitar and an instrument no vintage band should be without…a huge double slap Bass!

If you think of Eddie, Buddy, Gene, Elvis, Chuck, Carl etc. add a chunk of Setzer/Stray Cats and top it all off with a dollop of Imelda May; you have the cream of Rock n Roll these Cats love!

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