Local song-smith Nick Girone-Maddocks has two problems on his hands. The first is that no-one can either pronounce or spell his name right; a terrible problem for anyone trying to promote themselves. The other problem is that he just can’t sit still – one minute he’s a blues-rocker, the next a UK bluegrass ‘pioneer’ (check his current status at www.thunderbridgebluegrass.uk). But one thing that has remained constant in Nick’s musical life is his ability to return to a solo acoustic show without missing a beat, as if he’s just come off the road on a 30-date solo tour.

“It’s the one thing that I don’t feel the need to practice. I come away from any band work I’m doing and seem to fit easily into my own solo thing”

He’s been playing solo for many a year, releasing 4 albums of original, often Americana and Country-tinged material to great reviews. Acoustic Magazine gave his 2004 debut ‘Friday Night Star’ 5 stars, stating it was “a super debut from this talented singer / songwriter”. Since then his work has been reviewed by many music mags, online forums and, the best litmus-paper of all, other songwriters. Two of Nick’s songwriting heroes have both chipped in over recent years, Slaid Cleaves and Bap Kennedy both giving the thumbs-up.

In recent months Nick has reformed the legendary Thunderbridge Bluegrass Boys where his bluegrass writing will again be showcased, helped along by some excellent musicianship from his band mates. Because he’s busy with that, an N G-M solo show is a rare occurrence these days, so it enjoy it while you can. And remember, “it’s Jir-own-nee”.