MandySteveMusic play a mixture of original material, and their interpretation of songs not usually associated with female vocals and acoustic guitar. They have been playing together since July 2014 and have been building up their reputation on the basis of their live performances. They have also just produced their first EP “Strange Chemistry” which contains five original songs and a bonus of two of the popular covers from their live set.

“That a town the size of Taunton does not have an appropriately sized arena for live music is baffling, especially given the distances that have to be travelled to see sizeable bands. We know of many people who have to go to places like Bristol, Southampton,  Birmingham, Cardiff, Exeter or Plymouth to attend major gigs, and it’s galling to look at tour schedules and look at the giant void in this part of the West Country. 
When given the opportunity, the people of Taunton have shown their desire to see major performers, for example the gigs at Somerset cricket ground by Elton John and Rod Stewart in recent years” – Steve Ogilvie






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