Five Tail Fox are a five piece Alternative rock band from Taunton boasting huge potential. Blending haunting vocals with expressive riffs and musicianship, Five Tail Fox are a unique take on todays music scene. Forming a bridge between Rock and Indie, the five piece strive to shake up the industry with songs such as Lioness and Springbok. Their first Self Titled EP was released on the 8th of May and has garnered some good attention. They have played shows with the likes of JPNSGRLS, Allusondrugs, Press to Meco and BRIDGES to name just a few. The band hope to carry on this trend and continue to branch out across the UK making new fans as they go.

“The reason we want to be apart of the Arena For Taunton Campaign is because it is long over due. Karl has been a part of the music scene in Taunton for the past 8 years now, hosting open mic nights and playing shows all across the town. Tom was a member of the work force behind The Perfect Fifth which was well known for its live music events. But all of these aren’t garnering Taunton’s musicians the adulation they deserve. Taunton is an ocean of talent that is regularly ignored for the bright lights of bigger cities. Having it’s own arena, Taunton can push for bigger artists to play, ensuring local talent a spot on line-ups they all deserve” – Five Tail Fox

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Photo Credits go to April Bishop

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