Code are a four piece, British rock band based in the South West of England. They have been together since April 2014 and have performed in several music venues. They won the national competition “Young Chamber Battle of the Bands UK 2014”. Since then have recorded a twin single consisting of 2 tracks plus a sneak preview of what’s to come on their full album- that will be released early 2016. 

In the band there is: Azalee- vocals/rhythm guitar. Boedi- lead guitar/vocals. Amy- bass guitar. Adam- drums. Together they form Code. A fusion of old school rock and punk with a fresh new angle. Their unique vocals from both female and male singers mixed with dynamic, edgy riffs and heavy beats make them undoubtebly what’s coming next in the rock scene. Keep an eye out for their first ever music video “Switch” that will be released this autumn.

“Somerset is a dull and gloomy place with the potential to buzz with life. Talent is lurking in all the corners of Somerset and it NEEDS to be celebrated! We need a large venue in Taunton – It would be a fantastic boost for culture and economy. Not only do ACT support the local talent but they also allow awesome opportunities with a passion. ACT are waking up this place”

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