Live from Act Fest 2015 (Album)

It’s weird to think that our first Act Fest was almost a whole year ago. We had such a great night and we were so overwhelmed by the support and turn out on the night. Thank you to everyone who came out.

Anyway, We’ve been working with the great Musicians who kindly supported us on that night for the release of a live album and it’s completely free!. Download or listen to the whole album below – enjoy!







Better Expectations


Another Notch in the Post



Right Now


Come From The Heart / You Won’t Know What You’ve Got Until its Gone


Blue Cockade


Saturday Night

Ain’t Nobody

I Want You Back


ACT Fest 2015: Finn Askew – Right Now

ACT Fest 2015: Nick Girone-Maddocks – Three Quarter Time

ACT Fest 2015: Grow to Regret – Emily

ACT Fest 2015: Border Tales – It’s Getting Better

ACT Fest 2015: Best Kept Secret – Saturday Night


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Underground Taunton

A group has formed in Taunton who have started to investigate if there was once a network of underground tunnels beneath our streets.

The group was formed by Shonie Millward-Usher when she spotted part of a wall that was made out of wood in Bath place. After a bit of investigating she ended up discovering a blocked-up tunnel!

“There is already a known tunnel running between Wilton Gaul and County Court, and there are rumours of tunnels all over town. For example, there are rumours of Judge Jeffreys using the tunnels to transport himself during the Monmouth rebellion because the rest of Taunton was trying to lynch him.” – Shonie Millward-Usher

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Do you want to see an arts venue which spans music, art, film, theatre and comedy as well as learning activities in Taunton?

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Fantastic opportunity for local musicians

Check out this fantastic opportunity from the Creative Innovation Centre (CIC).

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Music Auditions Towards Local & International Success

music auditions poster at ciccic tauntonIf you think you’re good enough to cut it on large stage then here’s you’re chance to make a step in that direction with our Music Auditions for 14-25 year olds.

How To Enter

All you need to do is fill the form and submit some recorded music and if you pass this stage you will be invited to audition live at CICCIC.

By recorded music we mean links to your music on SoundCloud, Reverbnation, Bandcamp or links to your shared MP3’s on the likes of OneDrive, DropBox or other data storage service or even YouTube. We do not accept files of any kind and only accept links.

What We Are Looking For

We’ll be on the look out for raw unique talent and love originality. Your musical and performance skills will accessed and if you happen to be only person in a band that has potential you may be asked to join another band or work with other musicians.

If you make it to the live audition stage you will asked to perform one song of your own and one we select.

What’s In It For Me

If you succeed in the live auditions you will have the opportunity to be studio recorded, make a music video, work with a selection of creative and music lead professionals and organisations. Moving towards a career that starts local and moving towards international success.

Spaces are limited and based on a first-come-first-serve-basis. In the event of us not finding the right musicians we may add more audition dates. You must be from Taunton Deane of other areas of Somerset.

To enter please visit HERE